We Increase Nature's Share

Increasing Nature’s Share is a Social Movement

What Increasing Nature’s Share Means

In Nature, everything has a share: birds, bees, humans, the ocean, the forest, and the atmosphere. As humans, our effects (erosion, loss of species, dirty air) are slowly taking more than our share. Resources are not unlimited, and humanity’s share keeps getting larger. If things don’t change, there will be little left for Nature.

The visual below is a representation of Nature’s current share after you consider the effect of humans.

How Our Social Movement has Increased Nature’s Share Since April 2020

We Created the Environmental Movement Negative Net Hiking

And it encourages leaving the space better than you found it. This could be a walk around your neighborhood, the park, or out in the woods. When something is not a part of nature, take it out with you. If you see plastic or litter in the environment, take it with you. Become part of the environmental social movement.

73 Negative Net Hiking Cleanups Completed and 561 Pieces of Trash Picked Up

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We Promote Developing Plastic Free Habits’

It encourages you to look at the use of plastic in your life. Most plastic is single-use being with us for a few minutes or hours and will outlive the user causing harm to the environment. Join the social movement to find non-plastic alternatives for the items you use the most. You don’t have to shop completely “plastic free”, but be mindful of what is being used.

24 Plastic Lifestyle Changes Made

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We’re Building a Diverse Social Organization One “Plastic Free” Step at a Time.

We host local social events designed to empower individuals to start making change. Joining environmental communities and amplifying environmental social movements.

12 Organizations Collaborated With and 8 Community Sustainability Events Held

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