Eagle Eye Institute

Eagle Eye Institute took on our Negative Net Hiking mission in August 2020. They led a three-week program with the Holyoke Boys & Girls Club called Nature & The City. The program focused on the interconnections between nature and city life, science learning about urban wildlife, trees, water, and ways to take care of the local environment. They set out to see how much trash they could pick up in 20 minutes. With two energetic teams competing against one another, they got six full bags in 30 minutes!

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Hike With Mike

In May 2021, while out Negative Net Hiking, our co-founder John met Mike Harrington. Mike had stopped to talk with John as he was surprised to see someone picking up trash, and John learned about his motivational weight loss story and how he now spends his free time outdoors living and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Mike now spreads that message through Hike With Mike and is excited to learn about Natural Dividends and take on the Negative Net Hiking mission.

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Los Angeles Waterkeeper

We took on the Los Angeles Waterkeeper Plastic Free July Challenge in July 2021 and attended three of the four cleanups they hosted. These cleanups were in the local Los Angeles watershed area and helped remove trash from our natural spaces. We picked up over 350 pieces of trash alone, and collectively, we picked up over 1000 pieces of trash!

1. Ballona Creek

2. Santa Monica Beach

3. Los Angeles River

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In July 2021, we started using the Litterati App as our primary tool for tracking our trash pickup on our Negative Net Hiking cleanups. This helps us capture critical data on trash through geotagged photos that make the problem measurable.

Join our two challenges to see the data in action.

  • New England Challenge Code: 961271

  • Los Angeles Challenge Code: 308251

Download the app on Apple iOS or Android.

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Friends of Feeney

In September 2021, our co-founder, John Humphrey, was featured in Feeney Talks with Friends, hosted by Eric Feeney. Eric is the founder of the non-profit Friends of Feeney with the mission to help children and families who need help after heartbreak and tragedy. On the podcast, we discuss the Natural Dividends story and how it started, as well as our sustainability event at the Gastropark on Saturday, September 18th, 2021. At the event, we helped raise 200 food items in partnership with Friends of Feeney for the West Hartford Food Bank.

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In September 2021, we partnered with The GastroPark to host our first big event. The GastroPark is an indoor/outdoor foodie playground that is a place where the whole family can enjoy an ever-changing selection of local food trucks, and a great selection of craft beers and wine believes that food unites, empowers, and celebrates our community. Without their support, we wouldn’t have been able to host our biggest event of the year.

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Blue Earth Compost

In September 2021, Blue Earth Compost partnered with us on our GastroPark event. They are a food scrap collection service for residents, municipalities, and businesses in Connecticut, who is closing the loop on food waste.

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West Hartford Recycles

In September 2021, West Hartford Recycles partnered with us on our GastroPark event. It was started by Katherine Burns, the town Recycling Coordinator, and brings together residents of West Hartford to reduce, reuse, recycle, compost, and foster a sustainable community.

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Green 4 U

In November 2021, we hosted a beach cleanup at Playa Del Rey Beach, and the kids at King Drew High took on the mission. Their group Green 4 U is an environmental club created to tackle climate change, heavy pollution. It is on a mission to remove single-use plastic from K-12 Schools in the U​.​S. It was inspiring to see the young group from King Drew High come out and help Increase Nature’s Share. With their help and others, we filled up over 20 bags of trash in under two hours!

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One Sea Star

In December 2021, we collaborated with One Sea Star on their neighborhood beautification cleanup in Ocean Park, Santa Monica. One Sea Star is a nonprofit organization dedicated to education, outreach, and advocacy programs to make this world better, safer, and healthier. Our group picked up 5 lbs of trash in less than an hour. Think of the impact we can make with more people, more time, and more often!!

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Heal the Bay Adopt-A-Beach

We are partners with Heal the Bay’s Adopt-A-Beach program where we clean up Santa Monica’s State Beach Ocean Park (station 28), Venice City’s Rose Ave Beach, and Santa Monica’s South Pier State Beach once each year. Collecting trash and data to report back to Heal the Bay and to have policy changes made possible, we are very excited to contribute to the health of Santa Monica Bay and the people who enjoy it.

Come out and learn what we can do as individuals to stop polluting the beaches and ocean, clean up some trash, and give our marine life and ecosystem a fighting chance!

Learn more about Heal the Bay and their Adopt-A-Beach program: Website | Instagram

Just Serve

We are partners with JustServe and their program. JustServe is a service to help link community volunteer needs with volunteers to serve in the community, providing opportunities to help those in need and enhance the quality of life in the community.

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