Every Dollar Increases Nature’s Share

We firmly believe that you should know where your money is going when donated to the organization. A percentage of the money will go directly to the cost of running the business. The rest of the money will go directly into funding our mission of Increasing Natures Share.

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Other Ways to Donate

Natural Dividends depends solely on donations and grants, and we could not make these impacts in our communities without your help. Learn more about others ways to donate from our Medium blog.


What we use your donations for

Running the Business

We need $689 a year to pay for banking, technology, legal, and insurance fees

We need $1309 to expand our office.

We need $300 to expand in CA


On average it costs $50 to complete a cleanup.
We need $300 to purchase T-Shirts for our Volunteers

Growing the community

It will cost $1000 to expand our presence and run more community events.
On average it costs $250 to run a community event.

Natural Dividends was founded with the philosophy to operate lean and use free sources whenever available. We believe that is vital in order to maintain the long-term sustainability of our mission. We believe it’s equally important to thank and make sure those that allow us to do so get credit.

Thank you to all these individuals, resources, and organizations. With your generous donations and grants, you make our mission possible!

View our full list here.

We’ve run multiple surveys covering events, donor feedback, volunteer surveys – all for free. Thank you QuestionPro!

Our Financials

We know it’s important to you that your donation is being used effectively. It’s important to us, too. That’s why we work hard for accountability and transparency.

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