About Us

Natural Dividends started on one simple mission:
Increase Nature’s Share

How We Increase Nature’s Share

We promote sustainable lifestyles

We provided easy actionable steps that individuals can follow in order to start living a more environmentally minded lifestyle. While sharing news through our newsletters about what is going on in the environment today to highlight the need for immediate action.

We join environmental communities and amplify environmental organizations

We host in-person clean-up and community meet-ups to exchange ideas, solutions, and implement strategies to protect Earth’s environment. Connecting organizations and building a strong diverse inclusive community

Our Principles

Measurable Activities

Authentic Communication

Transparent Actions

Our Vision

Giving Nature a Return on Its Investment

To learn more about our mission and vision, take a moment to read our White Paper


Our Founders

Christopher Banas

Hi! I’m Chris, an outdoor enthusiast passionate about travel and exploration. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to some of the world’s most beautiful places. This helped me develop a strong connection to nature. Over the years, I would return to places and see the conditions deteriorate.

Many messages around protecting the environment are negative, leaving us feeling at fault. I see the need to change the conversation. To inspire others with achievable ways to protect the environment.

We started Natural Dividends to bring a simple message to people. Creating a pathway to “Increase Nature’s Share.”

Johnathan Humphrey

Some of my favorite memories from my childhood were spent in nature. I loved exploring the woods right in my backyard from an early age. A formative experience, it ingrained a deep love and respect for nature. Over the years, this has become a passion for the outdoors and hiking in particular.
I’ve had the opportunity to travel and see how different communities and cultures relate to their local environment. The environment doesn’t get a seat at the table in many places. We are at a pivotal point in history and need to change our interaction and relationship with nature.
Being outdoors instilled in me the importance of symbiotic relationships with nature. My goal with Chris and co-creating Natural Dividends is to create a community that sees value in the environment and works to Increase Nature’s Share.

Our Board

Co-founder, avid hiker, plant-based & minimalist lifestyle advocate
Co-founder, avid hiker, & environmental advocate
Experienced nonprofit board member; surfing, rock climbing, and hiking enthusiast; global citizen and digital nomad; and environmental advocate.
Traveler, educator and environmental advocate aspiring to zero waste goals and to live a healthy, plant-based, sustainable lifestyle that benefits every type of life on earth.
Environmentalist working to live a life without plastic, respect water as a precious resource, and set an example for my kids

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